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Serious Solutions to On-press Perforating, Scoring and
Die-cutting Problems

Offset Perforating, Scoring, Slitting and Die-cutting Products

H.S. Boyd is the leading manufacturer and distributor of complete inline finishing systems including Perforating, Scoring and die cutting materials. Our finishing rules and die cutting equipment allow printers to keep control of their finishing jobs by completing the finishing tasks in-house, in-line and on-time. Quick turnaround of our custom die cutting products insure a timely delivery to the customer. Our custom die cutting systems insure that intricate custom die cutting needs are finished with precision and speed. For over 60 years printers have been looking to H. S. Boyd Company for their finishing solutions which now include the integrated Inline Offset Cutting (IOC) and Perf Print Plus (PPP) die cutting systems. Our technical support staff have been assisting printers with over 90 years of industry experience so your Perforating, Scoring, Cutting, Custom Die Cutting requirements are supported with exceptional customer service.