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Serious Solutions to On-press Perforating, Scoring and
Die-cutting Problems



Flexo Sleeve Protection Guide Rule

Calcium Slayer

Calcium Slayer – video discussing the Calcium Slayer/print roller cleaner.

Calcium Slayer on press

Perf Print Plus & Precision Perforating

Discusses the PPP line of products on press.

Introduces our precision perf line of products that are used with the PPP system.

How to apply perforating/cutting tools on the PPP system.

Introduces the PPP system and its advantages to the printing press.

Inline Offset Cutting

Shows samples of work accomplished using IOC (Inline Offset Cutting) dies on printing press.

Using the IOC dies on the Heidelberg 105 machine.  This is a video produced by Heidelberg introducing diecutting on their machine.

Using animation to explain Inline Offset Cutting with dies.

Examples of items diecut with IOC system.

Another animation of the IOC system on printing press.
Installation of IOC system on printing press.


This is the video explaining the use of our standard LithoPerf products on printing press, installation etc.

Plecas para perforar en prensa offset – Spanish version of our Litho Perf products on press.