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Serious Solutions to On-press Perforating, Scoring and
Die-cutting Problems

At Print and Pack we are the Komori agents for Australia and New Zealand and have large 40′ 8 and 10 colour perfectors running HUV inks. I tried the Calcium Slayer at two of our biggest users and the results were amazing. Never before have they being able to get so much debris out of the rollers without having to take them out and hand clean. The rubber and copper rollers have never looked so clean. I have both customers now asking when they can get their hands on more product.

Steve Harper, Pack & Print.

I just wanted to thank you for demonstrating the Calcium Slayer and Flush. I have to admit we were skeptical about trying your product. We have tried other products and nothing can compare to what you brought. I didn’t realize that we had that much Build up on our rollers!!

Calcium Slayer and Flush is safe and easy to use. I’m sure we will be extending the life of our rollers by using this product and it will only make printing easier. I highly recommend this product for all print shops!

Please feel free to use our picture and testimony to advance this great product.

Thanks again,
Robert Lewis
Wheeler Printing Co.

The PPP system gives us the ability to keep die cutting work in house. We do not have to rely on a third party vendor. As a result, we are able to keep our costs competitive, control the quality as well as the turnaround time. By purchasing a PPP system, we can use equipment that is already in our shop.

Bryon Beiler
Beiler Printing LLC
115 North King Street
Denver, PA 17517

Publication Printers has used H.S. Boyd’s Micro-perf product for 22 years. This product gives us the ability to create horizontal perfs, which allows us to offer more variety in our solutions for publishers. We use the product several times per week and are pleased with the ease of use. Running a printing company is the 21st century is largely dependent upon relationships with vendors who offer strong customer service and dependable products that will help us produce quality printed material. H.S. Boyd fits this criteria very well. We are happy to recommend them”.

Derek Skelton- Pressroom Mgr. Publication Printers Corp. Denver, CO.
( Official Printer of the Denver Broncos)


We were previously unaware of the IOC system, but now we can increase our profit margin without penalizing the customer.

The H.S. Boyd (Selected IOC Die & System) has saved us over 150 hours of labor, an 85% increase.  Our customer is delighted with the end product; the scores and perforation are better than ever.

Wheeler Printing