Introducing: SleeveGuard™
Flexo Sleeve Protection Guide Rule

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Ever hold your breath when applying plate mounting tape to a printing sleeve? It can be a tense couple of minutes, and we all know why – sleeves are expensive! One slip while cutting the tape and you can do some real damage.

Why hasn’t anyone invented a safer, better way to do this?

That’s exactly what we wanted to know. So we teamed up with TESA make our own SleeveGuard™, a tool that lets you:

  • Cut the plate mounting tape on the sleeve with zero damage.
  • Make a perfect butt joint every single time.

What is it? 

SleeveGuard™ is a heat-treated protective rule with integrated blade guide that prevents sleeve damage when applying stickyback plate-mounting tape to a printing sleeve.

How does SleeveGuard™ work?

  1. Cut SleeveGuard™ to the length of the sleeve.
  2. Peel off liner to expose the application tape, then apply to the sleeve in a straight line.
  3. With a plastic squeegee or similar tool, run the full length of SleeveGuard™ to ensure solid adhesion between surfaces.
  4. Apply tesa® Softprint to the sleeve, overlapping SleeveGuard™.
  5. Place the knife into the rule guide and cut the length of the stickyback tape.
  6. Remove any excess tape.
  7. Apply the tape completely around the sleeve to cover and overlap SleeveGuard™, using a plastic squeegee or a similar tool.
  8. Make another cut through the entire length of the tape.
  9. Grab one end of the rule and carefully pull the rule upward from the sleeve. This will allow the tape to be smoothed to a perfect butt joint.
  10. You’re done!

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