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5 Points to consider before purchasing Offline Diecutting Equipment

5 POINTS TO CONSIDERWith Drupa upon us, many of us will be traveling to Germany to research and shop for new technology for the production floor.  You are likely looking for ways to lower costs, increase turn times while providing the best possible quality to your customers.  If you are in the market for a offline, dedicated rotatory or flatbed diecutting machine please consider these 5 points before you buy. Call H.S. Boyd and speak with one of our die cutting experts for a free project evaluation and quote.  There just might be a better solution than just another piece of offline equipment on the floor.

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1.  You likely have equipment on the production floor that will diecut.

Offline diecutting machines are expensive and a big investment.  The machine itself is a big purchase.  Add the additional cost of freight, setup and adding electrical requirements this purchase can become a large capital expenditure.

Offset presses ranging from large to small can be used to cut, perf, score and kiss cut with our systems.  The process can be done inline while printing or offline as a separate run.  H.S Boyd has supplied diecutting solutions on old Heidelburg machines that have outlived their practical life as a printing machine to the most state of the art multi-million dollar press.  If you are a printer you likely have an offset press that can be equipped to do die cutting.  In some cases the equipment could be paid for.

If much of your work has moved to be printed digital why not make use of the offset press as an offline diecutting machine for this work.

2.  H.S Boyd die diecutting solutions have low investments and are affordable.

H.S Boyd has several solutions to tackle just about any diecutting project you have.  Many short run and basic jobs can be performed using our Offset Rules.  This time tested method can be accomplished with a purchase of a simple to use box of offset rule that can be purchased for around $50.  For longer run or projects with complex layout the IOC(Inline Offset Cutting) or PPP (Perf Print Plus) system would be better fit.  Depending on the press size the average investment ranges from $400 to $4,000 depending on the system.  This is considerably less than a dedicated offline rotary diecutting machine.

3.  Offline diecutting equipment is often limited to small sheet sizes.

The offline diecutting equipment (especially the sheetfed rotary diecutting machines) on the market today is limited to feeding sheets around 15×20″.  Some machines can handle sheets as large as 20×29″.  H.S. Boyd’s diecutting systems are used with your offset press equipment and can accommodate any size press you have in your facility.  From small offset presses to super wide 80″ sheetfed presses on of our systems will work for you.

4.  H.S. Boyd’s diecutting solutions are fast and accurate.

You purchased your offset press because of its speed and accuracy.  Presses have proven reputations for being well built machines engineers to move press sheet fast with great accuracy.    Many offline diecutting machines run up to 6000 sheet per hour.  Using a H.S. Boyd diecutting solution you are limited only to the speed limitation of your press.  This can be upwards of 10,000 sheet per hour.

5.  Intricate die designs can be accommodated.

Do you have die cutting projects that require intricate shapes and details?  Using the traditional steal rule die is not an option.  H.S. Boyd’s die cutting systems utilizes chemically etched dies that can hold a tremendous amount of detail.  Check out our testimonial page for examples showing the intricate details our dies can hold. Testimonials

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