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Serious Solutions to On-press Perforating, Scoring and
Die-cutting Problems

Inline Offset Cutting

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SM102-DieIOC Die Cut allows you to die-cut, perforate, cut or crease directly on your offset press. Our optimal performance is achieved by using chemically-etched, machined, flexible dies complete with mounting bars specific to your press.
Now you can print, die-cut, and perforate in a single pass to the highest standard of quality. During follow up print runs, the die is ready for immediate use.

IOC Benefits:
Print and cut in a single operation
Reduced delivery periods
Print and cut at normal press speeds
Flexible dies are repeatedly re-used
Optimum flat sheet alignment after finishing
Scoring made possible on self-adhesive material

Long Service Life
IOC dies are characterized by an outstanding service life that is further extended by laser-hardened quality. For repeat print runs this means the dies are immediately available for re-use. Inline cutting technology not only will reduce set-up times for offset presses but standstill periods too!

How it Works:

  • Protect the counter pressure cylinder with high-precision PET film and press on- free of air bubbles-with the rubber blanket.
  • Remove the rubber blanket.
  • Insert the flexible die with bar into the front clamping bar fixture of the rubber blanket cylinder. Inline with the penetration depth of the cylinder, an adapted underlay film or used printing plate is drawn in at the same time.
  • Index the press forward until the rear clamping bar fixture is accessible, then insert the flexible die with the second bar.
  • Tension the flexible die.
  • It’s ready to go! When feeding the first sheet, adjust the cutting pressure until an optimum cutting result is achieved.

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