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Serious Solutions to On-press Perforating, Scoring and
Die-cutting Problems

Inline Offset-Cutting (IOC)

Inline Offset Die-cutting (IOC) and offset perforating allows the printer to die-cut specific shapes or patterns on an offset printing press during the normal printing run. This operation allows the printer to maintain control and finish the job in-house. Additionally, substantial cost savings are realized as the die-cut procedure can be accomplished at normal press speeds in most instances. The quality of the IOD procedure is comparable to traditional die cutting methods allowing additional finishing to be accomplished with minimal complications.

H. S. Boyd Co., Inc. offers three alternatives for Inline Offset Die-cutting based on press type and job specifications.

  • H. S. Boyd Litho Dies
  • Perf Print Plus (PPP)
  • Inline Offset Cutting (IOC)

H. S. Boyd Litho Dies

Standard Litho Dies
H.S. Boyd has standardized their most popular Litho Dies for reduced cost and quick “same day” delivery. These dies are quality etched dies applicable to cut against a non-compressible blanket, or our standardized stainless steel protection plates. Each Litho-Die comes with a 3” x 4” self adhesive protection plate. In addition to our standardized plates, additional plates of various sizes are available upon request.

Custom Litho Dies


H. S. Boyd Custom Litho Dies are produced from provided die artwork or die line. These dies are manufactured using our standard Litho products, attached to specified shim stock and heat treated for extended life. Used during the normal press run in soft anvil applications these dies provide a cost effective method of Inline Die-Cutting.

Perf Print Plus (PPP) Dies


PPP Dies are chemically etched, machined dies for the ultimate quality application allowing outstanding quality with cost efficiency. When used with the PPP system it is possible to rival the most delicate traditional die-cutting method. Additionally the PPP system allows the following operations.

  • Printing, perforating and die-cutting in one operation
  • Absolutely flat finished stock
  • Multiple uses
  • High production speeds
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Wide range of applications
  • All types of perforations, die-cutting and creasing
  • No wear of expensive blankets when perforating
  • No double setup on double-sized impression cylinders



Die-cutting, perforating, cutting or creasing directly on your offset press using chemically etched, machined, flexible dies complete with mounting bars specific to your press.

You can now print, die-cut, perforate in a single pass to the highest standard of quality. And during follow up print runs the die is ready for immediate use.

IOC Benefits

IOC dies are characterized by their outstanding service life which can be further extended by laser-hardened 3L quality. For repeat print runs this means the dies are immediately available for re-use.


  • Printing and cutting in a single operation
  • Reduced delivery periods
  • Printing and cutting at normal press speeds
  • Flexible dies can be repeatedly re-used
  • Optimum flat sheet alignment after finishing