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IOC headerYou can now print, die-cut, perforate, and crease in a single pass to the highest standard of quality with the IOC system. Optimal performance is achieved by using chemically-etched, machined, flexible dies complete with mounting bars specific to your press. The dies are mounted onto the blanket cylinder, and the cutting is done against protection plates that are mounted on the impression cylinder.  The IOC system will work on presses up to 40″ and can be installed in either printing or coating units. Click here to visit the IOC Web site for additional information and details.

ppp headerPerf Print Plus is a revolutionary in-line system allowing perforating, die-cutting, slitting, scoring, spot varnishing, and spot printing for offset presses. The PPP system works by mounting a foil sleeve on the blanket cylinder.  A wide variety of tools can then be mounted onto the foil to meet the needs of the job. The PPP system will work in either the printing or coating units on presses up to 80+” wide.  Click here to visit the PPP Web site for additional information and details.