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Serious Solutions to On-press Perforating, Scoring and
Die-cutting Problems

About H. S. Boyd

H. S. Boyd makes the rules for efficient and cost effective production in the pressroom.  Founded in 1956, H. S. Boyd Company was, and continues to be, the innovator of perforating, scoring, slitting and die cutting solutions for printers worldwide.  To assist you with any technical questions pertaining to our products, H. S. Boyd provides 1-800 technical service from pressroom-qualified technical experts with over 75 years combined technical experience.  With our products, you won’t go wrong.

Our Products

All of the H.S. Boyd on-press finishing rules are diamond sharpened and heat treated to exact specifications to ensure maximum durability. For nearly 50 years, our offset products have been the industry standard and leading choice of printers. We offer the finest products available and are represented by the most trusted dealers in the industry.

At H.S. Boyd, we consider every job a high priority. That’s why our offset finishing products are specially designed to meet your specific needs. We offer over 100 rule configurations, from 3-tooth-per-inch to 50-tooth-per-inch; rule heights from .0125 inch to .035 inch; straight cut and serrated edge rules. We can even make a specialty die designed just for your application.